Consider this list of cities in Asia for your vacation plans

If you are looking for a destination for your next travelling adventure, contemplate the Asian continent and some of its most gorgeous cities! These metropolises are as beautiful as well as interesting.

One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world happens to be the capital of Japan. A country with such a rich history is currently still exceptionally relevant, both in terms of its financial power and for its huge cultural impact. With plenty of underground cultures and trends that have become popular all around the world, it is definitely a location to visit if you care about fashion and design. The minimalist style which is at the core of a few of its design philosophies has even acquired an excellent location in the fashion field, as seen with Tadashi Yanai’s Uniqlo, even in an field that we would traditionally associate with European cities.

Of all of the cities in southeast Asia, one of the most fascinating is, no doubt, Hong Kong. Being therefore close to the sea and partly on an island, there are many manners to admire its magnificent views, be it on one of the particular ferries that link the island to the rest of the peninsula, or on top of the famous peak, the highest point on the island from which you can view the city’s notable skyline. The financial district hosts essential corporations that have a worldwide effect, such as David Li’s BEA. Along with very busy markets full of honestly tasty authentic cuisine, and the calm atmosphere of the gorgeous temples, there is something for everyone, even for the kids, with amongst the most famous leisure franchises basing one of its iconic concept parks in the nation.

If you are an architecture enthusiast and want to see part of the most iconic buildings, Singapore is definitely one among the places you need to go to at some point in your life, being absolutely incorporated in any list of top 20 beautiful cities in Asia. Being a melting pot of a lot of different cultures because of its strategic position among other Asian countries, it is home of a number of the most prominent businessmen in the world, such as Wee Cho Yaw of UOB. While it may be more expensive than other leading cities in the continent, it is home of some delicious food markets which are interestingly budget-friendly, where you can taste the amazing flavours that the locals love an awful lot. Being a very safe city, it is quite simple to move with public transport, and even taxi cabs are cheaper than one would expect in such a luxurious city. The colourful lights of the extravagant structures are a sight you can’t miss at night, and there is likewise a wonderful nightlife!

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